Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments

Multi-kernel Modeling paper accepted to appear in TPDS!

Our work on modeling speed-up in multi-kernel environments has been accepated to appear in TPDS! Congratulations to Brian and Conghao on the hard work, and in particular to Brian for the journal paper push.

A Look at Communication-Intensive Performance in Julia

Task Parallel Assembly Language for Uncompromising Parallelism

Coalescent Computing

As computational infrastructure extends to the edge, it will increasingly offer the same fine-grained resource provisioning mechanisms used in large-scale cloud datacenters, and advances in low-latency, wireless networking technology will allow service providers to blur the distinction between local and remote resources for commodity computing.

Virtines: Isolated Execution at Function Call Granularity

We are exploring the limits of hardware virtualization by running individual functions in lightweight, virtualized execution environments called virtines. Programmers create virtines by annotating existing functions in C or Rust, and our runtime system (Wasp) manages virtual machines automatically.

Exploring Julia at the Large Scale

Practitioners of high-performance parallel computing have long sought better programming models and languages to ease the task of writing programs for large-scale systems. However, there is an undeniable tension that exists between extreme performance and developer friendliness.

Coordinated Resource Management for Cloud-based Specialized Operating Systems

Containerization has recently gained significant interest among cloud providers and users due to its ease of deployment and lightweight virtualization capabilities. The key feature of these approaches is the sharing of a single Linux OS instance among each active container environment.

Nautilus Aerokernel

Nautilus is a custom, lightweight operating system kernel designed for being fused with high-performance, parallel runtime systems. See more here.

Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments