CS 450: Operating Systems

Current Iteration: Fall ‘22 Past Iterations: Fall ‘20 Spring ‘19

EuroSys '22 Virtines paper wins best artifact award

The team was awarded the Distinguished Artifact Award at EuroSys ‘22. Great work everyone! The code is available here.

Our paper was accepted to EuroSys '22!

After an amazing push and a great deal of hard work, our paper on Virtines was accepted to EuroSys ‘22! Congratulations go to Nick Wanninger and Josh Bowden!

Isolating Functions at the Hardware Limit with Virtines (**best artifact winner**)

Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments

The Case for an Interwoven Parallel Hardware/Software Stack

Multi-kernel Modeling paper accepted to appear in TPDS!

Our work on modeling speed-up in multi-kernel environments has been accepated to appear in TPDS! Congratulations to Brian and Conghao on the hard work, and in particular to Brian for the journal paper push.

Extremely Fine-grained Parallelism via Scalable Concurrent Queues on Modern Many-core Architectures

OpenMP in Nautilus paper accepted to SC21

Our work on bringing OpenMP implementations into the kernel has been accepted to SC ‘21! Congratulations to everyone involved on the successful collaborative effort!

Paths to OpenMP in the Kernel