Prospects for Functional Address Translation

Towards a Practical Ecosystem of Specialized OS Kernels

CS 450: Operating Systems

Past Iterations: Fall ‘20 Spring ‘19

An Evaluation of Asynchronous Software Events on Modern Hardware

CSR: Medium: Collaborative Research: Interweaving the Parallel Software/Hardware Stack

NSF Award CNS-1763612; $305,578 (Collaborative total: $1.2M); September 2018 through August 2021. This project is a collaborative effort with Peter Dinda, Simone Campanoni, and Nikos Hardavellas at Northwestern University. Also see here.

CS 350: Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming

Current Iteration: Spring ‘21 Past Iterations: Spring ‘18 Fall ‘16

CRI: II-NEW: MYSTIC: Programmable Systems Research Testbed to Explore a Stack-WIde Adaptive System fabriC

NSF Award CNS-1730689; $1,000,000; July 2017 through June 2020. This project is a collaborative effort with Ioan Raicu and Xian-He Sun at IIT. This project will build a testbed for experimenting with reconfigurable communication and Input/Output subsystems to conduct low-level systems research.

Multiverse: Easy Conversion of Runtime Systems Into OS Kernels via Automatic Hybridization

CS 595-03: OS and Runtime Design for Supercomputing

Past Iterations: Fall ‘16

Details of the Case for Transforming Parallel Runtimes Into Operating System Kernels