Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the ACM
  • Member of the EFF

Other Stuff

I love music. I’m a tenor sax player but also dabble with the guitar and piano (Sonny Rollins is my favorite sax player, Oscar Peterson - piano, Kenny Burrel - guitar). Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Sam Evian. My favorite live venues in Chicago are The Empty Bottle and Thalia Hall.

I’m excited by all of the sciences, and I always enjoy getting to talk to domain scientists about their work at places like SC. I especially am interested in Astronomy, but unfortunately Chicago isn’t the best place for stargazing. When I can, I like to get out with my Celestron StarSense Newtonian.

I’m an avid reader of all genres, but especially historical fiction, hard sci-fi, and non-fiction.

I love to travel. My next target is either Istanbul or Scandinavia. I speak Japanese (I lived in Tokyo a while) and I’d like to learn a European language.

Some places I’ve lived: Corpus Christi, TX; Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX; Evanston, IL; Tokyo; Albuquerque, NM; Mountain View, CA.

Hobby Projects/Misc.

  • A guide to booting a custom OS without a BMC using PXE
  • A Mandelbrot Set explorer written in Processing.js
  • A Conway’s Game of Life simulator, also in Processing
  • Microbenchmark to quantify false sharing on multi-core machines (Linux)
  • Hawker custom custom container engine (private, email me for access), designed for my virtual machines class
  • Hawknest (private, email me for access) A 6502/NES system emulator written in C from scratch for my VM class
  • Hawkbeans (private, email me for access) A custom (and incomplete) JVM written in C for my VM class
  • A simple N-Body simulation of a galaxy in a 2D plane written in Processing JS. Uses Barnes Hutt (quad-tree based) algorithm
  • Epigrams on programming from Alan Perlis