ASPLOS '24 TrackFM: Far-out Compiler Support for a Far Memory World

Middleware '22 Bolt: Fast Inference for Random Forests

TPDS 33(6); 2022 Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments

EuroSys '22 Isolating Functions at the Hardware Limit with Virtines
Giles Muller Best Artifact Award Undergraduate Research
ROSS '21 The Case for an Interwoven Parallel Hardware/Software Stack

MASCOTS '21 Extremely Fine-grained Parallelism via Scalable Concurrent Queues on Modern Many-core Architectures

PDADS '21 Memory Mapping and Parallelizing Random Forests for Speed and Cache Efficiency

APSys '21 Coalescent Computing

DaMoN '21 Playing Fetch with CAT: Composing Cache Partitioning and Prefetching for Task-Based Query Processing

PLDI '21 Task Parallel Assembly Language for Uncompromising Parallelism

SC '21 Paths to OpenMP in the Kernel
Undergraduate Research
Tech Report A Look at Communication-Intensive Performance in Julia

MASCOTS '19 Prospects for Functional Address Translation

MASCOTS '19 Modeling Speedup in Multi-OS Environments

ROSS '19 Towards a Practical Ecosystem of Specialized OS Kernels

MASCOTS '18 An Evaluation of Asynchronous Software Events on Modern Hardware

ICAC '17 Multiverse: Easy Conversion of Runtime Systems into OS Kernels via Automatic Hybridization

VEE '16 Enabling Hybrid Parallel Runtimes Through Kernel and Virtualization Support

HPDC '16 Automatic Hybridization of Runtime Systems

Tech Report Pushing Software Events to the Hardware Limit

HPDC '15 A Case for Transforming Parallel Runtimes Into Operating System Kernels
Best Short Paper Presentation
ROSS '14 VMM emulation of Intel hardware transactional memory

ICAC '14 Guarded Modules: Adaptively Extending the VMM's Privilege Into the Guest

HPDC '14 ConCORD: Easily Exploiting Memory Content Redundancy through the Content-Aware Service Command

ICAC '12 Shifting GEARS to Enable Guest-context Virtual Services

NoCArc '09 Segment Gating for Static Energy Reduction in Networks-on-Chip